Cyclic redundancy check codes (Design)

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    help me to understand this because i'm not allowed to use XOR gate to design the CRC generator

    Design, build and Test an 8-bit CRC generator. You should test your CRC generator by giving an input file of [11, AA, AC, DA, 59, A8, 9C, EF] or [00010001, 10101010,…… 11101111] to generate the checksum. Once you obtain the remainder (checksum), re-input the data along with checksum to your CRC generator to obtain 00H. This will confirm that your design is correct.

    • Your CRC generator must posses an accumulator to perform the division
    • Your design should input a 8-bit parallel data and NOT a serial data stream, thus DO NOT use an XOR gate (Different from most of the implementation found in the Internet)
    • You must input the generator using 8-bit at a time

    Show all your design step and use minimal gate for VHDL implementation or minimal cost for gate level implementation.
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    YOU need to show YOUR best attempt to at least start YOUR homework problem. That gives us a starting point from which to help guide you.

    Are you give a polynomial you are supposed to use, or do you get to choose it?

    Do you understand what an 8-bit CRC is?
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    we get to choose the polynomial
    yes, i do understand the 8-bit CRC which have 9 bits for its encoding

    what i want to do first is to use parallel-in and serial-out shift register to input 8-bit in parallel.then use another shift register to move the bits to left and use the accumulator to do the division. is it the right way to do it?