Cut Yourself Proof Gloves

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As the title suggests, these are gloves that help to prevent you from cutting yourself when working with things like knives.

I am writing this so that someone else may benefit from these things. They are cheap enough too i got a pair for $6 dollars (USD). Available on the web places like Amazon and there are different models maybe with better ratings.

They look and feel like regular gloves pretty much, maybe not even as heavy feeling as regular work gloves to it is surprising that they dont cut easily with a knife. I tried cutting one with a razor knife with a reasonably sharp blade and it just skims across the material without any penetration of any kind. You can still feel the pressure underneath on your hand, but it does not cut through so your hand never bleeds.

I dont know yet how much abuse they will take, for example if you touch the surface of one with a cutter on a high speed die grinder. I am not sure what would happen, if it would cut through or grab the material and start winding it up on the cutter. So i would be more careful when using electric cutting tools. But for regular knives,it's great. If you slip with the knife you dont get cut, quite amazing.

Long time ago i was cutting something with a Dremel and i had a new saw blade (with shank) in the head. The saw blade had big teeth, something that should not be used with a hand operated Dremel tool. The large teeth caught in the work and it 'walked' down the length of the work piece and cut across two or three of my fingers. What a mess. Some blood, but lucky it did not cut too deep didnt hit bone i dont think. If i had these gloves on i would not have gotten cut or at least not as badly.
Years before that my father slipped with a sheetrock knife and cut his thumb wide open. That would not have happened with gloves like these.

They are made for kitchen use and gardening and stuff like that but would work well with any kind of knife. Some of them also have a 'rating' like level 5, which meets some standard. I would say that should be a min when buying a pair. They also come in different colors.

One thing i did not test yet and that is their heat durability. If they can help reduce burns from things like soldering iron tips that would be great too.

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Yes I had gloves like that a couple of years ago. They were made with kevlar. They were great when they were new but I used them as work gloves around the yard and they didn't last too long.


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My friend who cooks in a restaurant uses gloves like that and they work very well for one cutting meat up. I am not sure how long they last him, I can ask when next I see him. Power tools are different and they can snag, grab, and do real hurting very rapidly.


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Thank you @bertus. I followed your first link and put those gloves in my amazon shopping cart. I have a broken window and have to remove large pieces of glass before I remove it. I'm just waiting for our weather to warm up to replace it.