Custom USB 7 port hub PCB dasiy-chain

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    Mar 20, 2009
    Hey all I had a schematic laid out for a custom USB 2.0 7 port hub I needed to create for a project of mine. It currently uses Ethernet RJ45 sockets to provide power and data to each hub (2 Ethernet ports for upstream and downstream USB) along with the needed resisters/regulators (to drop it down to 5vdc/3.3vdc)/etc.

    Though I have an issue and that's why I wanted to post on this forum and see if it can be taken care of before I send the Eagle & gerber files to the company to get printed and populated.

    The usb hub chip I am using is the microchip USB2517 []. And the datasheet is here [ ].

    Would it be possible, running a power supply of 12vdc 160W 10a [ ], to power the hubs? Keep in mind not all of the 6 USB ports will be used per the 12 or so hubs I will have daisy chained. I would guess that 18 to 35 usb ports out of a possible 72 usb ports will be used. If it's not possible then what would need to be in place for that to happen?
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    I didn't understand the question..
    Are you regulating 12 V to 5V with 10 A flowing ??
    Daisy chain devices share have a 10 A supply. How many divices you want to power ?