Custom mosfet model for LTSpice

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Hello everyone,

In almost every electronics textbook, the drain current of a mosfet is been given by the quadratic equation


where k, W, L, Vt and Va are parameters based on the manufacturing process. The question is; how do I set these parameters in LTSpice?

It allows me to use only predetermined transistor models which don't have the parameters that I want and I am not even sure if the obey the above equation.


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Are you familiar with the LTspice group on Yahoo? A lot of experts over there. They may have the answer if you don't get it here.


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Model mos Level=1.
k=Kp, W=W, L=L, Vt=Vto and Va=1/Lambda.
When using four symbols NMOS4 and PMOS4 transistors can be set in their geometrical dimensions (W, L, AD, AS, PD, PS), and the multiplicity M. For example M=3, the three transistors in parallel.