Custom LED Eagle Eyes turn signals with sequencer help

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Hi guys! I'm new here and was wondering if I can get some expert help or advice. I currently jumped in the realm of off-roading and purchased a custom steel bumper and wanted to mount custom LED turn signals. I wanted to add a custom touch to the lights and wanted to have them sweep. I purchased 2 sequencers for my turn signal lights!/S10-Classic-Sequential-Driver-v4/p/65266240/category=14158037. In the picture was my original plan to run the lights solid blinker. I'm using 16 gauge wire in the picture below. So the sequencer takes 22-24 gauge solid wire and is made to have the lights move in sequence. Do I need to redo the wires on the LEDs and connectors to 22-24 gauge? Or can I solder 22-24 lead wire then either use a connector or solder to the thicker 16 gauge wire? I'm not sure how it will affect the lights or sequencer. I'm trying to find the most efficient and reliable way. This is the turn signal it runs on 12v. So if anyone can help it would greatly be appreciated.



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The size of the wire is of little consequence for the performance of the LED circuits since they generally take a low current.
Connect the wires together any way that's convenient.