Custom ESP32 DEV board, not communicating

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Hi All,

Im having a slight problem with my ESP32-WROOM-32D based custom PCB, the problem to myself seems to be with the ESP32 itself.
In the attached schematic, im using a micro usb with a CP2104 UART chip to program and communicate with the esp32, this chip is recognizsd by my computer. however i get no serial communication.
in troubleshooting ive attached wires to the pins for the tx and rx and attached them to an external esp32 dev kit, also using the same voltage coming from the micro usb to power the external board, and this external board is able to communicate with my computer in testing with its own enable and boot buttons to ensure correct operation. this justifies to me that the cp2104 is working as it should.
my next concern was the wiring of the enable and boot buttons on the custom board, so again i attached 2 further wires to the respective pins on the esp and attached to the dev kit, powered it back on, and i get serial communication from the dev kit esp32.

This has left me confused as to what is wrong with the custom board, as all 5 PCB ive ordered do not work.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. threadimage1.pngthreadimage2.pngthreadimage3.png