Custom AR/Smart Glasses Using Smart Watch Parts - Need Help With Developing. (connectors/Info)

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Problem and Hoped For End Product:
Hello! I would first like to note I'm am new to both small electronics and this forum site. please let me know if this post should have been located somewhere else or if I can do anything to improve. please excuse any incorrect vocabulary, I'm new and hoping for help. all teachings and constructive criticism is welcome.

I have decided to try and dive head first into a project. I would like to create a pair of AR type glasses. My original plan was to follow some tutorials and use an Arduino Pro Mini/nano with a Bluetooth chip, battery, etc but replace the mirror and projection type display with a see though OLED one.

Transparent OLED:

Recently however I have found myself with some spare parts. My TicWatch E smart watch broke leaving me with all the functioning components and no screen. I disassembled it and tested it apart fining it all still worked. I would like to adopt the display listed above to the Ticwatch E but am not sure how to go about attempting the 28pin socket to the 24pin connector on the transparent OLED or if it's even feasible. I don't have any Equipment to work directly on the circuit boards like a soldering iron for such small part or anything but I am willing to invest. If anyone could share some knowledge about how I could achieve this goal I would very much appreciate it. Specifically, a list of parts needed, supplies needed, and some information would be wonderful. Also if I'm chasing a dead end dream I would love to know before I pursue my goal in this direction any farther. Thank you!

Attached to this forum are the male and female connectors for the screen and a picture of the watched failure.
I also found this PDF detailing some connector types. the watch may be the WP25D but I can't be sure. may a WP25D to break out or direct to 24-position 0.5mm pitch that the screen uses? would these even match up? ex: the power to each pin, pin functions. I'm going to do some more reading. The PDF file is attached.

Personal background knowledge:
I also want to add my knowledge background. I have taken two electrical classes both of which covered electronics used in automotive and heavy equipment. this consisted of using ohms law and learning how different sensors and components function. EX: Transistors, Thermistors, Potentiometers, and such. I have also done some personal research but I'm sure I have barely scratched the surface. Anything I can learn from here or if anyone could point me in a direction to go like listing resources to study would be wonderful.


Connector on broken screen

Connector on Main Circut Board
Broken Screen (Oled on TicWatch E First Gen)


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The first thing you will need is the data sheets on both displays to determine the wiring and to see if the data and control signals are compatible.