Current probe with O'scope -- Aim I-prober 520, positional current probe Unique.

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A friend searched for a current probe to measures the current with O'scope, and he found a model, but he can't really understand the measurement method(maybe he doubt that method), so he asked me to help him to know more about the Aim I-prober 520, positional current probe Unique, but I didn't use that kind of probe before, probably the probe is a new product on the market, if anyone has any experience about that probe, or another model Rogowski Coil Current Probes SS-660 or SS-680, please post your experience and comments, thanks for your help.

1. The traditional current measurement 1 is to cut the PCB or wire and in series with a shunt resistor.
2. The traditional current measurement 2 is to uses a wire or coil to sense current.
3. The I-probe 520 is used as a contact point to measure the current, I don't know the detail, the video shows that function is quite well and is easy to use, measuring the current as voltage, but there is no practical contact.

If you have any messages about the above Second-hand Current Probe requirement: around 2Mhz, 100A, 300V is OK, thanks.



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  • High accuracy general purpose H-field probe

I have not had experience with this kind of probe but I have formed and uninformed opinion based on other types of current measurements and experience with fluxgate manetometers.

They say that it measures the magnetic field generated by current flowing through the trace. It looks like it might difficult to use. It is susceptible to ambient magnetic fields and might not even be usable measure return currents in a wide PCB trace or a ground plane, for example. I would expect that this would not be my first choice for current measurement.