Current Probe Help (Hantek CC-65)

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Hello, I am kind of new to current probes. I did not want to spend a fortune on a current probe, so I bought a Hantek CC-65. I was messing around with it and figured I would try it measuring the charging current on my battery charger. I set my battery charger to 40 amps and measured with my scope and set my dmm to dc volts. Also I set the probe to the highest to the 1mV/100mA setting



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You need experiment with the channel input attenuation to get the correct result and also you should be able to change the channel from V/div to A/div. Once found and proved settings have been made write them down and keep them with the current probe. Many TE companies make a $$$ Deskew fixture for current probes that produce a known amplitude current pulse and you can use these to help get the attenuation settings correct. However their primary use is to adjust and null channel skew between voltage and current probes so that the Power Analysis feature in some DSO's can calculate a correct result.


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You are measuring 296mVpp which corresponds to 29.6A at the 1mV/100mA scale which seems about right.
What was the meter on the charger reading?

Did you have a question?

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It is handy clamp that measures a wire's magnetic field up to 20 kHz and gives a reliable reading, like influx current with variable frequency.
There have been projects that required frequent current readings. I soldered a heavy wire, pulled it out of a small slot of the proto type case just big enough for a clamp meter. The smaller jaws of the clamp design is an improvement that facilitates getting inside live junction boxes beats the larger jaws. It is much easier to work with actual current reading on systems during operations that undergo heavy load. It is not meant to be used on automobile ignition but Hantek sells an attenuator H201 ( good for high voltage ) that requires different probe which is also shaped to get in tight places.
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