Current capability of disposable camera flash circuit ?

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Any good guess will be fine, as there may be many types. Am after a 220VDC at 15mA power supply. Do you think a disposable camera flash circuit will deliver such current ?
They usually charge to ~300+ VDC. I can bring it down to +220, but unsure if will hold 15mA drain...
Not for flashing use.


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To charge 160uF (maybe??) to 300V at a constant 15mA would take 3.2s. I have never known a camera flash be that quick so I suspect the current is less than 15mA.


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The other way to look at it is via power. 220V at 15mA is 3.3W. Unlikely the boost circuit is capable of that.


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Thanks, fellows.
Albert : I requested current information about a non-listed similar to the first one in you link (but 12 to 24VDC in), to order if fits the needs.
My oscilloscope main power transformer winding secondary that supplies +220VDC to horizontal deflection went open. The plan is to implant the module supplied by another healthy low voltage winding.


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Do you think a disposable camera flash circuit will deliver such current ?
No. From what I'm reading from other posts I'm seeing the discussion centering around a 12 volt source. Disposable cameras operate on a single AA battery.

Quite some time ago I was looking for a way to add a flashing light to my bicycle for night riding (home from work) (long story). I worked at K-Mart, and asked the photo shop if they had any used disposable cameras, as I was after the flash circuit. Ended up with three units. Each unit was triggered by a small reed relay, each relay was triggered by a CD4017 Decade counter and associated circuitry. Had to flash them slow enough so that each had time to charge up for a good flash.

Early on, before I even had a bike, I had to walk home past (in the dark) a house with a big barking dog. One night, passing that house I had one of those cameras, charged up and ready to trigger. As I passed the house the dog came barking from the porch. When it got to the fence I flashed the camera and barked back at him. He ran. After that, passing the house, the dog left me alone.

Ah, what fun you can have with disposable cameras. Do they even make them anymore?