Crystal oscillator does not seem to work

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Hi I hope somebody can help me, I have built this kit from Aliexpress, great looking kit, but I get symptom of random lights coming up piezo is screaming, and no clock functions at all, I removed the 12MHz Xtal and used a frequency generator to emulate 12MHz, the kit started working properly, replace the 12MHz and still the same issue, the fact that the freq gen worked suggests the circuit is fine and for some reason the Xtal does not oscillate. does anybody have any ideas please. ill upload a schematic when I can find it.


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There should be two small capacitors, around 20pF, connected to each end of the 12MHz crystal. Make sure they are the correct capacitors, correctly soldered.


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The AT8952 data sheet shows the microcontroller, the crystal and the two capacitors in that circuit. The problem might be that one if those parts is damaged or involved with a soldering problem.

Since the crystal oscillator is a static circuit you can try substituing a crystal of anither frequency if you have one available.