Creating a waveform generator using integrated circuits

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Hello everyone,

I have intentions of measuring the impedance of a DUT but i want to avoid using the 555 timer together with the two integrators to create a sinusoidal wave. I am trying to promote as much accuracy as possible.

I am looking to create a waveforms using an integrated circuit similar to the XR-8038A or the XR-2206. However, these are difficult to acquire because they are absolete. Does anyone know any decent and reliable waveform ic capable of generating waveforms in the range of up to about 100KHz that is readily available?

In addition to this, is there any ic capable of detecting the phase difference between two waves?

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A pair of phase comparators can tell you the time difference between zero crossings of two waveforms.

Some sine wave generation techniques are discussed in the document at the link below.

If you are worried about accuracy, pay attention to the harmonic distortion in the waveform because with some impedance measurement techniques the harmonic distortion can have a large effect on the measurement result.