Creating a non-linear resistor network

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Hi, i want to produce a non-linear network of resistors, where every node is connected to every other node.
I have produced a 5 node network, with 3 inputs and 2 outputs.
The characteristic between nodes i am trying to replicate is: I = a*V^2 + b*V

I have produced a model in LTSpice and used behavioral current sources to model my desired behaviour.
However, the model only converges for some input values (usually when the 3 inputs are similar values to each other?)

Can anyone think of a better way, or a solution to ensure conversion?
Thank you!!

Note: Attatched are 3 files
1. a resistor network using resistors
2. a network using behavioural sources to replicate resistors (V=IR)
3. a network using behavioural sources to replicate: I = a*V^2 + b*V