Create switch counter and tester for 5000 cycles

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Not necessarily. It depends on how much data need to be recorded and what you plan to do with the data.
At some point I assume that you want to examine the data on a computer.
I would send the data directly to a computer via wires or wireless.
I wanted to make it portable and save the data on an SD card so that it could be read on the computer later,
Also doing repeated tests for lets say 5000 cycles.


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As i am not familiar with the Ardruino code, can you help me out on this?
Are you familiar with C++? Arduino code is a version of C++ with the addition of special methods (or functions).

Arduino code uses a standard template for its program.
  • Global definitins
  • Setup code (executed once at power-on)
  • Main loop (your actual program. The code in this section repeats automatically)
Arduino also uses add-on shields (or modules) to extend its hardware capabilities. An SD card shield is an example. Each shield usually comes with a software library, which provides methods for using the hardware. This link shows how to use an SD card in your sketch (or program.

Arduino has a very active forum, which provides documentation for each command in the language. It also has many examples of how it’s statements are used. There is also a project forum, that provides complete examples for most (if not all) of its shields. This, one can quickly learn how to write your own code. Of course, if you already know how to code, it will be much easier.