Cranking Relay Current (Limit making current of a relay)

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I need to select a relay for cranking
I have been told that cranking draws approximately 200A just a few seconds then draws 18A.
I am not sure what should I pay attention to when choosing the relay.
I looked that part number 9-1393303-7.
I wonder is it suitable ?
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It is an old project so I have to choose relay.
The solenoid Max was referring to is a relay, solenoid is an American term for starter relay. They go between the battery and the starting motor. The link he posted even states that, and shows a picture of it. Did you even look?

The part of a data sheet you show is not a match for the part number you posted, so no the part number you posted will NOT work.


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It is for diesel generator starter,unfortunately I don't know so much detail.
Diesel engines, the larger ones anyway, require pretty high starter current.

I have no idea where you are located but here in the US I would just go to my local auto parts store. Commonly called a "starter solenoid" all you need is one rated to handle the high starter motor load current and yes, normally upwards of 200 amps or more. Here is a simple example of what you are likely looking for.