could you help me how to make trigger pulse?

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hello i'm cnu university student.

help me please

i will design analog circuit. i can't use a digital unit but i can use 555timer.
i will make water level detection circuit.
when the water arrives setting level, led will notice for user.
after 5 seconds, motor need to operate to close the window.
so i will use 555timer - monostable mode and i need to know how to make trigger pulse.

could you help me?


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Making a pulse is fairly easy and straightforward. Making one with particular characteristics is only slightly more challenging. You have not really given us much to go on. Can you show us a schematic of what you have so far and maybe enhance your description of the kind of pulse you are looking for.


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I'm not sure what you mean by a "digital unit". Can you elaborate, and explain why a 555, which contains a digital SR flip-flop does not qualify as a "digital unit"?


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I see that post was relocated, hope that you can find it. My yesterdays post did not make it- forgot to hit " Post reply" ?
IF 555, pin 2 is tied high with 1 to 5 meg. resistor and attached to a probe, a second grounded probe is in contact with water, now if water rises and makes contact with first probe - pin 2 will be pulled low triggering 555. (direct answer removed by moderator) You may want a reset at turn on.
Post a drawing for review.
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