Cost-effective power supply scenario for this project

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Xavier Pacheco Paulino

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I'm working on a project that needs two separate voltages: 5V and 12V.
12V for a gate driver and 5V for a microcontroller. Both have to be isolated, they must not share ground.
I do not have the time now to design a switching power supply, so I'm looking for possible PCB mount switching power supplies that I can adapt to my PCB. Their input is 120VAC/60Hz from mains. So, it's a AC/DC type converter.

About the load requirements, the 12V is just for the gate driver to provide the peak currents. So, I think that anything between 1 to 3A would work. The 5V will supply two microcontrollers and other ICs. I expect the load current for the 5V source to be 3.5A max (worst scenario).

I physically have these two switching power supplies:

But I find them kind of big in size for the project. I need something that I can save as much space as possible.
What do you recommend?

What do you think of this one? Kind of "expensive".
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