Cordless Phone dim display issue

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Hello members, I have a DECT Panasonic Cordless Phone model no KX-TG6051B and its LCD display seems to be very dim. The backlight itself is very bright but the dot matrix characters are very dim as if the contrast is very low. I have saved the contrast settings to highest, reset the phone, swapped with a good known battery, opened the phone and checked the LCD ribbon cable, on motherboard side its hardwired and on LCD side it looks its pasted, I used a hot gun, and then both side tried to seat it better, no luck. From front at 90 degrees I cant see characters but at say 45 degrees I can see and am able to read characters almost okay. I have another same make handset and its fine at 90 degrees at just 30% contrast. Please let me know what could be wrong and what else I can try. Thanx