Copy RFID card to RFID keyring fob

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Hi all, first time poster :)

Here's my (very first world) problem. I have 5 cards with some sort of RFID or NFC chip in them, in my wallet. Two credit cards, two security door cards, and a public transport card. The problem with having so many is that I can't just hold my wallet up to the reader and have it unlock the door (or whatever), as there are too many competing cards all sandwiched together.

What I'd like to do is to take the two door keys out of the equation, by using small keyring fobs instead. Much easier to grab the right fob on a keyring, than fish a card out of a wallet.

Does equipment exist that I could use to read the cards, and copy them to a fob? Where I can get this equipment and the "blank" fobs without ending up on a national security watchlist?

tl;dr - where can I get equipment to copy an RFID card to an RFID keyring fob?