Copper tape for HF transformer/inductor windings

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I have been reading about the merits of using copper foil/tape to wind HF transformers. However, CDA 1100 (recommended for this) is quite pricey (particularly in my country). I did however find a few affordable alternatives. I would like to find out whether these would generally be a good alternative. Please see the datasheet attached.

I want to switch a 60v input at 100KhZ with a full bridge boost topology using an isolated boost. What are the downsides of using this over cda 1100? Can I expect decent results or am I better off using normal enameled copper wire?



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Try it and compare it with copper wire. It is the only way you will know the difference.

One benefit of using thin copper tape is that it should reduce eddy current loses (sometime mistaken for skin current losses).

I found that using many strands of small gauge wire gave superior performance compare to larger gauge wire greatly reduced the heat in pot core transformers in the area of 60 kHz. Not sure whether copper tape would be better -have to consider the resistive losses.