Conveyor belt timer

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I need to control a conveyor belt. The control inputs will be a start button and a end-of-the-line sensor (the transported containers will fall into a box at the end of the belt). Upon pressing the start button, the belt will run. However, I want the belt to stop if the sensor does not get blocked in 5 minutes, or if the sensor stays blocked for more than 5 minutes. So, if the sensor keeps toggling between unblocked and blocked, the timer will be reset and the belt should continue to run.
Any ideas?


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Conveyor line control sounds like a job for a PLC as thats whats commonly used in industrial control like that.


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Or a simple version of a full blown PLC is a SmartRelay.
You need a couple of timers, you also have to decide how much are automatic features and how much manual intervention is needed.


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This is not a difficult problem to solve, maybe a couple of CMOS logic chips and an output driver, or a PIC, or an Arduino...

1. What is your comfort level / skill set regarding electronic circuits: wire together modules, solder chips on perf board, go all discrete semiconductors, etc?

2. What power for the control circuit?

3. What is the sensor signal: 5V/24V pulse, open collector, dry circuit relay contacts. etc?

4. What output is needed: 24V control line switch to GND, relay contacts, email message?


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Easy is best - a couple of CMOS chips and relay would be ideal.
1) I am comfortable with soldering on perfboard and using discreet semiconductors. Arduino is also an option..
2) 24vdc is available.
3) The sensor output is 24vdc when blocked.
4) I forgot to mention that the start button will energize a relay with 2 sets of NO contacts (one set will be a hold circuit, one will provide power to the motor), So, the output of the new circuit could be another relay with NC contacts inserted into the existing hold line.