Converting solar power light to constant power supply?


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Ernie, no I don't care if it comes on in the daytime. I just want this light to light up my back door so I can see the lock to put my key in.
what do you mean by "short out the connections"? I'm not sure where I would hook my 4 volts to now?
See what solar panel connects to. Mark these points as A and B.

Disconnect solar panel from A and/or B.

Finally connect A to B.

The 4 volts connects to where the battery was.

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Hi Dave. I got six connections on this circuit board.

LED - and LED + goes to the led's
BT + and BT - goes to the battery
S+ and S- goes to the solar cell

no matter what I do the unit will just cycle on/off, 10 sec. dim - 10 sec. on (approx). with or without the battery hooked up. I don't understand why I can't bypass the solar cell, battery and charging circuit and just hook it up to a 4 volt or so power supply.?