Converting Brother 2.5 micro disk drive to 3.5" ??

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I am new to this forum and I am working on a somewhat unusual project...

I need to replace a 2.5" micro disk drive with a more "modern" 3.5" floppy drive or even better, a USB Emulator...

It's not something I have done before, although I believe it may be possible.
The 2.5 micro disk is a Sanyo manufactured drive with a 26 pin connector with both 12v and 5v.

The disk system is a "Brother" micro disk that was made in the mid/late 80s.
I do not have a "pinout" chart for the Sanyo drive...

The drive is used to store patterns on a CNC machine. It is old but functions well for my use. If I had access to new 2.5" micro disks I would leave it as it is, however I am down to 1 disk! I believe they have not been made for 30 years...

Has anyone ever attempted such a conversion? If so is there any advice they could share? Maybe someone has a pinout chart for the 2.5" drive?

how have you made out with your brother micro drive, mine has givin up, i'm going to try to get it repaired if not I will have to convert also witch means I will have cards available. any help would be apprecated. mike