Converting a SMD board layout to "standard" (regular caps/resistors) use

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I have what I think is a fairly simple board design that I would like to make with regular caps and resistors as I've never worked with SM tech. I'd also like to see if it is possible to remove the transformer/power supply section of the board and instead just put a DC input connection in its place.

I've never worked with CAD software for board design so IDK if this project is too much to try or not.
Attached is the CAD file and schematic.
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Simple.. Give it a try..
I'd recommend Diptrace to do the schematic/layout.. Run through their tutorial (fully) and you should have no problems completing that.. (should take a couple hours max and will really help you)
I find is far superior and easier to use than the commonly recommended Eagle program..
I believe Kicad is another good one that quite a few recommend too.. (never used it myself as Diptrace is all I need and works great)

I'd recommend itead when you are ready to produce the board.. (takes about 2 weeks to reach the US.. great quality....GREAT pricing.. never had a problem.. used them about 8 times now)


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Is the CAD file in Eagle or what? Depending on what how your libraries are set, you may be able to right click or use the change icon to change "technology" from SMD to TH. I prefer to do it on the schematic. When the drop down happens, be sure "show all packages" is checked.

Then you just move it around (probably want to convert existing routed traces to airwires first) and re-route.