Conversion from LT-Spice model to P-Spice model

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The part LTC4365IDDB available in LT-models. But we required in P-Spice model. I need to simulate the protection circuit for automotive application. The other parts like TVS and Power IC available with P-spice models. We need to simulate complete circuit with all parts in P-Spice.

Can anybody help with conversion of LTSpice to P-spice?


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model for LTC4365IDDB is binary model file.
I looked inside of the cracked model. The model is rather cumbersome, and written mainly using LTspice syntax. Many models of ideal diode using LTspice syntax. To convert to Pspice need to spend a lot of hard work. I doubt that anyone else you would do it.


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This is clearly 'Homework help'.
Looking at the functional block diagram of that IC in its datasheet, perhaps you are expected to create your own sim model, i.e replicate the functions (or at least the main ones), using basic models (e.g. switches, logic, voltage and current sources) available in Pspice?