Controller for Audio codec?

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    Aug 16, 2015
    Recently I have a project to design an audio codec using TI AIC3254. For that the MCU chosen is Microchips PIC32MX220F032B. It is a 32 bit MCU.

    Now the important question is about interfacing on the hardware side. Is 32-bit really required, when most of the processing work is being done by the codec? Is there any other method to make it work. TI have used in their evaluation module an USB bridge. Can something like that be used. I searched for some chips, only thing equivalent is Silicon Labs USB to I2S bridge.
    Or can we use a cheap 16-bit MCU with I2S(required?) with external EEPROM?

    Important question is, for any audio codec, what is the most suitable and economical controller.

    Primary use for codec is to implement PEQ and bass-boost. Nothing else.

    The application is in a portable speaker.
    Codecs work is to implement PEQ and bass-boost.
    The input, stereo, would be either from 3.5mm jack or from a separate standalone bluetooth audio module.
    Output of codec, stereo, would go to an amplifier.