Continuous sweep clock mechanism...

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There is a type of clock mechanism that is silent, no tic-tac, the second hand moves smoothly. Been trying to find a schematic on how it works with no success.
Would you know details or a generic schematic ? I can see uses a crystal in its circuit, and a spinning motor with the usual gears. I want to know if replacing only the crystal can make it run faster.



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Very likely the clock speed will follow the crystal frequency but I have no idea how far you could increase (or reduce) the frequency before it would stop working. There would be both mechanical and electronic reasons for such limits.

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The mechanism will not be used as clock but as "turntable"
If guessing works, will a 65.536 KHz crystal make a turn in 30 seconds...:rolleyes:


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Just one of the many things that could be a problem when running at 2x its design speed: the speed of the motor driver transistors and shape distortion of the motor drive signals.



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Perhaps the mechanism described is not anything other than a mechanical drive with a synchronous motor. And certainly a synchronous motor with just a bit of inertia driven with a 60 hZ sine wave will be very smooth. So that would be a crystal oscillator with a suitable divider driving a resonant circuit so that something close to a sine wave is produced. The hard part is the mechanical portion.
An alternative is to use mains power and a standard clock gear set. Not very electronic, but delivering the requested performance.