Conservation of power in tapped capacitor impedance matching circuit..

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Hello gentlemen..

I have recently came across a text of impedance transformation provided by a tapped capacitor arrangement.
Its a rare and unique text explaining the working of tapped capacitor network in terms of conservation of power.
figure 6.31a) is an untapped case when no tapped capacitor is used..fig 6.31b) uses a tapped capacitor network(C1&C2)

The law of power conservation states that..If the magnitude of the power of an individual component in a circuit increases to a certain amount then there should be some compensatory change by the same amount in power of another component to maintain the overall power of the circuit constant.

In case I IL and Vi is constant, in second figure with use of tapped cap. Vi and IL changes which decreases the output current Io and increases the output voltage Vo, hence the latter can be thought of as increase in impedance.

Case 1 Vi and IL constant and power is conserved, whereas in case 2 Vi changes , IL changes which results in increase in Vo and Io,

My query is:-what kind of compensatory change is produced or observed when Vo and Io changes with the use of tapped capacitors, hence increasing the load impedance???


a) Circuit figure
Circuit figure.png

b) Reference text
Reference text.png