AC analysis - Average Power, Conservation of Power

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    See figure attached for problem statement as well as my work.

    I found the currents i_{1},i_{2} then I calculated the average power of each element.

    It says to investigate the conservation of power.

    Now I have the source delivering 500W of average power and the elements dissapating 400W of average power.

    Am I suppose to be able to conclude that the average power supplied and the average power dissipated is the same? If so, where did I make my mistake? What am I misunderstanding?

    The formula I used to solve the average power was,

    P_{n} = \frac{I_{m}^{2}}{2} \cdot Re(Z)

    EDIT: I found my mistake, for the source I'm suppose to take the equvalent impeadance at the terminals of the source for the calculation of the average power.
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