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Hi, I am looking for a connector like in the attachment and a terminal block to it.

can anyone help?

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Yes, that is how I initially found it, looking for centronics and scsi. The correct name seems to be a CHAMP connector, originally made by Tyco if I remember correctly.
Anyway on ETO the author already said he found what he needed.


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I agree its an Centronics Printer connector.
The "Centronics" connector was a major application of the Amphenol "Blue Ribbon" series of connectors. They come in a variety of sizes and by now are produced by a number of companies. They are selected because they are quite able to survive some abuse and dirt and stay fairly reliable, and they have no pins to be bent or broken off. The other very large application was for phone systems, terminating the 25 and 24 pair cables. But those are 50 conductor connectors.