Connecting a USB-to-RS232 cable to a PIC

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Dawud Beale

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Hi everyone.

I am looking to get a 9 Pin D-Sub female that will plug into a USB-toRS232(Male) cable. The USB end is connected to a PC. I will be looking to connect individual pins from the RS232 to circuit board that has a microcontroller (PIC). It will most likely be bare wires on the other end of the D-Sub. The idea will be to send a signal from a PC, via a USB to RS232, which then splits on the D-Sub onto various pins on the circuit board.

I have previously had a D-Sub which allows you to solder wires into the back of the D-Sub, and also has a casing to close the D-Sub up once you have finished soldering the wires. I can't find this now, can anyone recommend one? I have been looking through RS and Farnell and there is all sorts of different options such as filtering etc. I don't know which one will be best for the purpose I am using it for

Also i am looking for pins and sockets that can fit over a D-Sub male and female connector pin, the ones that you crimp onto wires, and also the crimping tool. Can anyone recommend anything?
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Are you talking a 9 pin D Back Shell? If so they are available from several sources.
The crimp pins are also available from the likes of Digikey, but the N.A. made crimp tool is not cheap, you may find a cheaper version from H.K on ebay.


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You connect RXD, TXD and GND directly to the UART pins on your MCU.

I prefer to use an adapter with a USB-B socket and then use a USB-A to USB-B cable from the PC to the adapter.

You don't need RS-232. I do this all the time.

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Dawud Beale

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Hmm, ok I shall consider using this, thanks.

But I would still find it useful to know how to find the other equipment I mentioned as I've used it in the past and found it useful.

All together I need a D-Sub and back casing for it, pins and sockets, crimping tool for crimping the pins and sockets to thin wires, plus heat shrink and a heat gun to wrap insulator around the crimped part of the connector pin.

If anyone can help me with any of that stuff, plus anything I need to know about different types and variants, that would be much appreciated


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At work we have "stripped" de-9 connectors. The pins are imbedded in the plastic. The rear of the pin (what will be inside the connector body once we put the plastic shell over the connector) has a little cup where we drop a bit of melted solder and then heat the solder with solder gun, while solder is hot and "liquid", we jam a wire into the cup, then let the solder cool and affix the wire.

Looking at digikey, they sell the d-sub with pins and the shell separately. They also sell d-sub without pins so you can install your own.