Connect extra relay to Siemens Logo to control engine

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Angelo Blomme

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First of all, I hope this is the right place to post this thread. If not, don't hesitate to move it to the right place!

So, I'm making my own automatic chicken door with Siemens Logo. Till now everything works very well but I've found that my Logo keeps restarting when the engine is turning. That's why I want to connect an extra relay to the outputs of my logo and only switching this with the logo.

Now my question is... HOW and what kind of relay do I need?
The engine needs to turn in both directions (open, close). The left turn is done by turning on Q1 + Q3 , right turn is Q2 + Q4..

This works perfectly with only the logo but only for a couple of seconds...

Attached is a screenshot of the project



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Sounds like you have a noise problem.
How are you powering each now?
Any relay that will handle the motor current.
I am assuming the Logo is using a relay on the outputs now, however?

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Angelo Blomme

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Well the relais are inside the Logo so I'm powering this op with a 12vdc 3a supply.
I tried to connect the engine directly to the 12v without the logo and that works. It seems the outputs of the Logo cant manage the engine..