Computer Logics Assignment Needs Explaining

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    A group assignment was given and clarification on how to go about carrying out such a task is needed.​
    Scenario (Problem):

    Better Design Furniture is a medium sized company specialized in making a wide variety of custom designed furniture. However, the finances of the company are at risk due to the hike in electricity rates as well as frequent power outages. The Managing Director, Sam Samuels is now making the necessary arrangements to import three refurbished medium sized electricity generators, as he cannot afford new ones. Upon making the purchase, Sam was advised that the max running time for each generator is eight (8) hours. This is the main reason why Sam purchased three generators, as the plant has to run for a complete twenty four hour period. With three generators running for eight hours each, this equates to twenty four (24) hours. Sam is now in dire
    need of a circuit that can start-up and shutdown each generator at different eight hour intervals. According to Sam, the generators should work as follows:
    • Generator A 12:00 AM - 8:00 AM
    • Generator B 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
    • Generator C 4:00 PM - 12:00 AM
    Sam has recruited your group as interns with the responsibility of designing the system over a 4 week period. You are required to design and simulate a circuit that will execute the above functions. In designing the system, the group should ensure that generators are not allowed to run simultaneously, as this will result in serious damages to Sam’s equipment. In addition, there should be a disable switch which disables the power coming from the generators and enables the use of the Jamaica Public Service’s electric to power the equipment. This is necessary for the technicians to service the generators.
    NB: Your counter/counting system should count in minutes and hours that is no need to worry about the seconds.
    We are to submit:

    a. Rationale behind each proposed design
    b. Definition/description of all devices/equipment needed to complete design(s)
    c. A report outlining all the steps taken to complete the design(s) – this should include truth tables, simplification methods, sketch of proposed circuitry etc)
    d. Simulation of design(s)
    i. Using Electronic Workbench, Multimedia Logic or similar tool.
    ii. Any function of combinational circuit used must be constructed from scratch by you (i.e. if you use an Adder or such circuit you must construct it/them yourself).​

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    Since this is homework we will not do your work for you.
    Start by showing your efforts and then we can provide comments.
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    If the company bought 3 generators each rated for a run time of 8 hours each for 24 hours total, what are they going to do the second day?