[Complex Question] Magnetically Coupled Circuits Circuit Analysis - Answer Checking

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Hey there, anyone would like to check my KVL mesh equations for each loops?
I first perform regular KVL around the loop, then then [ ] represent the mutual voltage at each point of the inductor.
As this is an university past year paper, the answers are disclosed, and the lecturer can't really review the final answer.
So hopefully any helpful soul would like to help me resolve and check this question?

Also are there any Circuit Analysis software to generate the final answers, as I think I can find an online matrix calculator to resolve it and check for the final currents answers.



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Quick question...

What do the long curved arrows mean, what do they refer to exactly?
Those are the arrows with the text "2H", or "1.5H".
Normally mutual inductance values point to the coil not the nodes, so i ask.

Also, you should probably start out with a simpler circuit with just one transformer, if that's what they really are there and not separate inductors.
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