Comparison between full wave rectifier and full wave voltage doubler

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Nick Long

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I know these two circuits can both realize the ac-dc conversion. I just want to know which one is more efficient. I mean with the same input source which circuit can obtain a higher output power (it does not matter the load resistances are different), assuming the load a resistor. I think the full wave voltage doubler will output a higher power due to a reduced diode forward drop, although the output volatge is doubled. Anyone can help me to compare them? Thanks a lot.



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Anyone can help me to compare them?
The purpose for each is different.

The first one gives you maximum power efficiency from the secondary at the expense of reducing peak output voltage by an extra diode drop.

The second could be used to double the peak DC voltage or be used for a bipolar power supply without having a center tap on the secondary. For the latter, the cost is you get half the power efficiency that you'd get with a center tapped transformer and a bridge rectifier.