Common Problems When Learning Electronics? Ideal Solutions?

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Hey guys,

I'm an electronics enthusiast, and I'm thinking of starting an electronics blog where I can share content that people learning about electronics will find useful. I find that a lot of the educational electronics resources I come across offer good tutorials, but don't go into enough detail into how and why something works the way it does. I'm hoping people can share some of the other common problems they encountered when learning electronics and the sort of 'learning resources / online content' they wish had been available to them at the time.

It would be great if this starts a lively discussion with people sharing common problems and ideal solutions, as well as their favourite online tools and resources, and everyone involved being able to discover something new of use.


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I too am just starting out learning electronics and have found that it is really hard to understand some of the basic stuff. One of the most interesting tools I have found is a program called EveryCircuit. It's a circuit simulator that run's in Chrome, but not Internet Explorer. It also runs's on android. It's a little limited but good for just starting out. There is also a pro version that runs $10 a year, but the limited version works pretty well.