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Please what are common FET types? Want to buy and use to learn

Like BJT...2n3904 and 2n3906. Haven't used any other except MJE3055 and 2955 for once

What are common FET types like this

Thank you

Tried this phase shifter(2nd circuit) but not working for me...Turning my potentiometer decreases amplitude of output signal without changing phase

What did I miss??


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Daniel Sala

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"fet" is open to misinterpretation - do you mean MOS or Junction?

Typical signal JFETs (e.g. J112 is a chopper i.e. switching JFET) could be: 2N5457 (N) and 2N5460 (P).

MOSFETs, it's a very big world out there and power is not the same as small signal or logic uses. It's bewildering, I have to take a deep breath before starting a search for something new, and worse, find a complementary version...

Stuff like IRF540 (N) and IRF9540 (P) are a good way to get to grips with/learn about the issues of the difference between VGSon and 250uA current and the actual VGSon needed for a decent output. The VGSon business is a rite of passage with MOSFETs for many of us... along with the NMOS issue of depending on where it is with regard to the load, it can need a gate voltage higher than the supply voltage... There are far more modern ones that have (far) lower VGSth for equivalent current outputs, e.g P-channel FDC604P but then have other lower VDS or other things to take into consideration, can't think of an N-channel equivalent right now for that one.

Look for logic level MOSFETs (i.e.) 2 -5 VGSon max. That is a nice comparison to the MOSFET IRF pair linked to above.

Tip: Beyond the pinout on page 1, as some of us will do at first, MOSFET datasheets are worth understanding very quickly, especially the graphs, to avoid endless purchasing and/or design errors, I should know.


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As most of my circuits are low V, I find that logic level, relative large surface mount FETs like P ch. FDS9435, & N ch. FDD6530 fit the bill.


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T092 style,,2N7000 nfet, BS170 pfet, J113 nfet, 2N3904 nfet, 2N3819 Nfet...

Mosfets T0220,,, IRF540 Nfet, IRF9540 pfet.
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