Combination circuit resistance calculations

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Hello all. I am working on a pre-lab for my DC circuits class and this question has me a bit stumped. I have been asked to calculate the following:
  • Resistance of BD
  • Resistance Total
  • Resistance of BC
  • Resistance of CD
I understand the series and parallel equations for resistance, but I am struggling with the flow of the current here. would it go in at A, then split at B, coming out at D and ending at E?

How would I find the resistance from B to D? From B to C? and from C to D?

I believe the total resistance would be 1,428.57Ω, with 628.57Ω coming from the middle section, and having 330Ω and 470Ω added to it. This may be incorrect but that is how I would think to do the total resistance.

Thank you in advance for any help that is offered.



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Your over complicating it..;)
What do you calculate the Series sum of the 3.3k and the 1.2k to be.??


Hint: forget about the 330R and the 470R and the 2k2 for now..


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OK, look at this breakdown of your circuit for doing BC

One resistor is in parallel with two resistors in series,

How would you solve this for BC,??

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