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So I saw this today and found it with great interest, I then started to look up these machines and came across a video of a man who made a coin operated one, so I wanted to try and research the components that are needed, so what I have found is that I need a raspberry PI, coin mechanism, and the terminal printer, that's all I've got, I've spent close to probably 3 hours trying to see what is needed, what software is needed to trigger the terminal to print once a coin is accepted and a program to randomise a short story, as I've gotten to this conclusion I want to see who who would know more about this system, I think this would be a great idea for my godson as he loves to read and he can save up for his games, your help is greatly appreciated.


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You've pretty much identified what is needed. Essentially, the system polls the coin drop while idle then when it sees the coin(s), pulls a file from the SD card and prints it.
Search 'Airpax' and 'Greenwald' for relatively cheap coin drops/slides. You also might contact the parts dept. for your local coin-op laundry service or vending company. These have simple a simple switch or opto-interrupter that gives a momentary signal when a coin rolls by. The coin discrimination is done by mechanical means. For a non-critical project like this, you could also roll your own by fabricating a coin-guide/slot and using a simple opto-interrupter to make the signal as the coin goes rolling by. Glue a couple of K&S 'C' channels to a flat plate and mount the opto to that. K&S stuff is available at hobby shops and most hardware stores. Maybe you could retrofit the old piggy bank. There are many ways to do it.

The basic photo-transistor optos should be good enough. You can also use one with a 'logic IC' that has built-in signal conditioning. The coin detector connects to an input port on the rPI and your software does the rest. The rPI should drive the printer itself rather than act as a 'switch' between a PC and printer. That approach ain't trivial.

Nice project. Have at it and post your progress and questions.
Good luck!