Coin acceptor/arcade issues

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Can someone help with this. I have a coin acceptor hooked up to a USB encoder on a joystick for an arcade setup project I have going. Apparently the coin acceptor sends out a constant pulse signal to the USB encoder which triggers the button. So I'm not sure how to get around this. Or is there a certain model of coin acceptor I should be getting...or some type of resistor...or diff power adapter?


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You need to draw out a diagram of the connections between the coin acceptor , the machine and the external power supply. Yo do not hold the camera still for long enough to follow your wiring. I SUSPECT that you do not have a connection between the negative of the coin acceptor and the negative of the machine. Without this I THINK you effectively only have one wire between the coin acceptor and the machine. This is because the external power supply will have a floating output.
These are only guesses as I can't follow your wiring.



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Do you have technical information about the coin acceptor? The versions I can find have a switch to choose normally open or normally closed. If yours does, it might be set the wrong way.

But, I also can’t understand your narrative in the video, so data on the USB encoder is also needed.


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Also, can you post a still, close-up of the labeling on the 12V adapter? It clearly states AC adapter and that could refer to its output. Does the coin acceptor need DC? As Ya’akov asked, technical specifications of the coin acceptor would tell us if it runs on AC or DC.