Coil Winding - How to increase the inductance

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We are currently winding a 6 layer "micro" coil, and looking at ways on how we can increase the inductance. We have looked into the below 4 common causes but without any success . Not sure if anyone has any suggestions on what else we can try ?

Number of turns
Coil length - the shorter the coil length, the higher the inductance ?
Coil area
Core material ( with and without annealing)

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Adding a core of any ferromagnetic material will increase the inductance, while having any conductive material effective loop in the generated magnetic field will reduce the inductance. The three choices listed are also more common ways to raise the inductance.
There are companies that produce small inductors forvarious applications, and studying their product offerings may provide additional clues and information.


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The other considerations are resistance and current carrying capacity. They both matter, and they are both related to the wire size. And the wire size affects the coil size.
Depending on the specifications, the "COIL CRAFT" company may already produce exactly what your application requires.