Code 3 MX7000 Emergency Light Bar Power

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Hey All!

Looking for some expert advice.

I have a Code 3 MX7000 emergency light bar I need to power.
I also have a 12v power supply with distribution control panel.

After reading through the information that I have provided in the images here is my uneducated summary.

The power supply is insufficient to drive this Am I correct? From the spec. sheet inside the box it appears this power supply can only provide 10 amps.

Can I swap out this power supply with a 12v 30 amp or 40 amp unit? If so which do you recommend?

Can I still use the fuse panel by simply upgrading the fuses to 5 amp fuses with a higher rated 30-40 amp power supply? The current setup allows for 1 or 2 amp fuses.

Should I forget trying to use this panel all together and purchase a separate power supply? If so, do you have any recommendations?

My final goal will be to activate this light through an Arduino controller board with relay in the circuit.





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Since the lightbar datasheet includes many items, it is hard to tell what you are trying to do but if we take the worst case scenario of 100W as listed, that would be about 8.3A at 12V. If you are not going to power more that another amp or so from the panel, it would work as is.

The question is the ampacity of the wires and traces in the panel. If you work that out you might find they would handle the current just fine and you could just change out the fuse, but, if they are two small (for margins, <10A), you can parallel two or three with fuses matching the lightbar load / number of fuses and get the required ampacity that way.

If you are really going to use the 100W lightbar mode, it would make sense to replace the supply. you can probably find a higher capacity supply that would drop in.

If you could say which numbers from the lightbar datasheet are relevant, it would help.