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Shall tell about microwave torch. Probably that will help to understand better the circulator`s aim.
Firs became to be a magnetron. Quess 2 Kw or about at 2,4 GHz.
Then came engineer and said the MW plasma torch must be built.
So as the first attempt the reflecting stub was attached thus in the place where forward signal was met with mirrored from the closed end of this stab, the plasma occured. But magnetron burned off because of bad impedance matching.
Then engineer add a three knob matching box (actually exist a two knob version too, but it is like a day and night more difficult in adjusting. So, somehow engineer got n adjustment, but for a while the new mounted magnetron burned again.
Thus, the third magnetron was built in, but now engineer got a school thus between the launcher and matching box installed a circulator. Entrance of it staid launcher with magnetron, but straight output the matching box with a plasmatron. And in branched output engineer apllied the waterload, which boils the water whilst he adjusting those three knobs. Waterload is simply matched resistor what is water cooled. Yet engineer clearly recognized, his Rhode&Scwartz staying for quiding how to tur the matching knobs now may be substitute with millionfold cheaper alternative, thus paralelly he installed the microwave diode with 50 microampere measure head now showing how much reflected energy is misadjusted. So, the input 1 goes to output 2 and never is going output 2 to input1. Because output 2 is going to output 3 but output 3 never is going to output 2 because if there ever be an outcoming energy it have to go nowhere but to input 1 (what not happen).