Circuit to state space model

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Hello, I have this circuit and I must represent it in state space. I know the process because I have done similar ones but having trouble with this one. I have found the Kirchhoff equtations for the 2 loops and for the upper juction, whatever I do after I cant end up to two equations x'1 and x'2. Thanks in advance.

  • first loop: V(t)=V(R1)+V(c1)+V(R2)
  • second loop: V(R3)+V(c2)=V(R2)+V(c1)
  • juction: i(t)=i(R3)+i(c1) or i(t)=i(c2)+i(R2) => i(c1)=i(R3)+i(t) and i(c2)=i(R2)+i(t)
I know that V(C1)=x1 ,and V(c2)=x2 and i(c1)=c1*x'1 , i(c2)=c2*x'2