Circuit safety(230 V-AC/DC voltage regulator issue)

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Hello guys!
First I want to apologize if i did draw this schematic wrong(i.e. lines do cros, etc.).It is a few days that i am using this online editor so i am still in the learning process and need to gain a bit more expirience.
I created followed circuit:555 timer in astable mode that will power up 8 leds(blink 4 by 4). When output of timer goes high first 4 leds will be on(it stays on about 0,69x(1k+470k)x2,2 uF, and when output of timer goes low remaining leds will be on(0,69x470kx2,2 uF). At the same time i hook up LED light bulb(10 W) via 5V relay with 230 V mains. Idea is that this LED bulb will light up every time when switch is pressed, and turned off on another switch press.
Current of a circuit is aprox. 120 mA
As you can see i am powering my circuit with AC/DC voltage regulator MEAN WELL IRM-01-5.
In its datasheet i can see that he has over voltage protection(OVP), overload protection(OLP), short circuit protection(SCP), but i didn´t find anything about OTP(over temperature protection).
I am assuming that these kind of protection protect only a 5V side, but what is with 230V side?
Since i am planing to put my regulator,PCB with all components, and relay inside a box and it would be human operated i need it to be safe as much as possible.
So my question are as follows:
1. Is this factory maded protection of this voltage regulator would be sufficient?
2.Should i be using(OTP) over temperature protection(thermistor), and how to conect it and where?
3.Should i be using protection between 230 V side and voltage regulator? Meaning conecting varistor in paralell and fuse in series with regulator? Since in datasheets i cant find max. current of voltage regulator so i dont know what quantity(A) of fuse to connect? What kind of varistor to connect ?
I am very greatful for any advice and help.