Cheap parts with free shipping from China coming to an end

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The era of cheap parts with free shipping from China seems to be coming to an end. The US just announced a year long process to withdraw from a 144-year old agreement giving Chinese goods very inexpensive shipping rates to the US.

I've been taking advantage of this loophole for years now. When I can wait for a generic part I will order thru EBay where I get a low unit price and typically free shipping. If I don't mind the 2-4 week shipping delay it s a great deal for me.

Seems the free shipping will be coming to an end. I can only wish the increase in price will also yield an increase in speed.

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I need to order 200pcs 2x6mm self tapping screws. It is hard to believe that somebody will ship $2 worth of goods with free shipping.


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Hopefully component will start to be manufactured here in the US. again. I think it is criminal and an enormous security risk for what we allowed to happen to our electronics industry.

Not to mention what we have allowed to happen to the textile industry.

So what will it be first in a prolonged war? We we not be able to repair our military or will we all be naked? :)

I just can't figure out how the modern free world traded with China at all.


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I have to wonder whether this will affect other countries. The US is a huge market but not the only one.

It would not surprise me if distribution centers for these good
appear in other countries that still have favorable shipping rates to the US.