Cat hunting parties when they have golf carts

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If and when Cats make or acquire cars somehow, and the skills to operate them..could we expect to see, cats drive up, leap from the vehicle, and attack ?
Watch at 2:11 when the cat decides she got to were she needed to be, and leapt off the cart, check the area, then get back on the waiting machine(w/ friendly human operator)

I wish I had a computer sim that could actually model what other animals would get up to, if their brains were as good as ours at abstract thoughts and logic/etc.

Also on the physical side, I'd love to watch the Animal world Olympics , with Mountain Goats scaling vertical walls, Ants lifting crazy weights, Cats doing Cat stuff...........

On a side note, that area looks beautiful. It looks like sediementary rocks got pushed and folded up into the high/rocky looking parts, (not hills but not mountains, IDK the correct geo-term).

What part of the Rockies is it ? I have fans going in my room, so I never heard the audio too well, maybe he says?
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