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Hi everyone,

I'd welcome advice on a career in electrical engineering.

I reached the final year of my degree in medicine when I was diagnosed with late stage cancer.

During recovery, I took a HNC and HND in Electrical Engineering via distance learning and passed with a distinction.

I was in treatment for five years, so I am not eligible to take the pre-reg exams to practice.

I am based in the UK and would welcome any advice in starting a career in electrical engineering. For example, any worthwhile qualifications or experience, areas to specialise in, etc.

Many thanks for any help,



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I know very little about the British system for getting licensed as a physician. The most important question is, "What would you prefer to do?"

If it is still medicine and assuming you finished the last year, doing a residency or internship should make you eligible, If you did not graduate, you may be able to repeat just the year that you did not finish. That would certainly be possible in the US.


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Have you thought about working in the NHS?

The pay isn't great but looking after medical equipment can be quite interesting and your medical training should stand you in good stead. The hospital departments go by many names, EBME, Clinical Engineering and Medical Equipment Maintenance to name but a few.

Worth looking into.


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You have to do some thinking about what you love to do. My mother quoted a book "Follow your heart and the money will follow." Sometimes that philosophy works but more importantly when you are working at a job you really don't like, it doesn't really matter how much you are earning. The quality of the experience can range between "I really need to get out of this" to "I can't believe they are actually paying me to do this!

Only you will know be able to see what kind of job is best for you.

I am glad that you recovered.