Capacitor to stop LED lights from flickering

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Hi everyone,
I have some electronic motion switches that when we switched from incandescent lamps to LED lamps, there is not enough of a load to stop the triac in the switch from leaking current when it is off and keep it stable when it is on. I done want to put a dummy load in the circuit, because that will only consume power, when saving power is what we are trying to achieve. I have stumbled across the Aeotec Bypass. In their manual for it, they say that it is a capacitance device. Seeing that it only takes 4 watts, I found it was an interesting option, until I saw that they are $20 a piece. For that cost, I could replace the motion switches with new ones. Does anyone have an idea of what type of cap I would need for this?

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From their webpage:
Less than 4W.
If your light switch controls low-voltage lighting that uses less than 4 watts,
Bypass may be needed when using Nano Dimmer for control and automation.

So this is for less than 4W, low voltage ligting, not that the device uses 4W.