Capacitor cross reference

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I am trying to find 2 different capacitors with no luck. I am a fledgling when it comes to components but my skills are polished when it comes to creation and repair so long as someone else has done the design.
I am repairing an appliance and the bad cap (popped) is labeled Shizuki 148M HFC-MD 22+/-4% 180V the other cap is not popped but I want to replace it also is labeled Shizuki 148b HFC-MD 6J150VAC. I would like to save myself $400 by repairing this appliance as I cannot afford to buy a new one at this time. A web search has produced similar20230626_175432.jpg20230626_175444.jpg parts but I am at the limit of my knowledge and want this repair to be successful and safe. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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They are probably polypropylene (MKP) or polyester film capacitors. The first one is 220nF 180VAC. And the second one is I guess the 6μF ( non-standard value ) 150VAC.

And keep in mind that there is a very high probability that in addition to damaged capacitors, other elements also have been damaged, in particular the rectifier bridge and transistors.
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